A company’s brand choice should reflect its personality trait. A voice that inspires me on Twitter is one that is refined and chic or flirty and witty. I cannot fathom how many business loose followers simply by sounding like a door-to-door salesman. The people do not want to follow a brand that is constantly trying to sell a product or service. People want to follow a brand that they can have an authentic conversation with.  The sample posts listed below are ones I find to be successful via social media outlets.

            Cuppa Java- Local Coffee Shop (Refined and Chic)

            A. Went to lunch w/ my girlfriends on this rainy day. Splurged on a #large @cuppajava down the street. #Fall #CuppaJava #girlsday (Insert picture of the coffee OR selfie of friends and you drinking it) ß– Twitter or Instagram

            B. Send a picture of your morning coffee to @cuppajava and hashtag #JavaLove to receive a BOGO now through Thursday. Show the tweet when you get inside J #happymonday #JavaLove (Inset picture of employees making coffee) ß– Twitter

            C. We are at the Mankato Marathon today serving free coffee. Goodluck to all our race friends! (Insert picture of the team serving coffee. Make sure product is visible and easy to read) ß– Facebook or Instagram

            Salvage Sisters- Refined Furniture Shop (Flirty and Witty)

            A. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, is your table ready? (Insert picture of a table for sale and an autumn centerpiece that is also for sale) ß– Facebook or Instagram

       B. Antique furniture shopping is addictive, good thing salvagesisters.com has great steals and deals! (Picture of a favorite piece from the store) ß– Pinterest **Include hyperlink for Salvage Sister website**

            C. Looking to impress the in-laws? See how @salvagesisters uses white furniture and accessories to create an #elegant space. #innovativethinking (post picture of the space) ß– Twitter or Instgram