Here are three analytical tools that I find useful…

1. Sprout Social– I really like Sprout Social because it is geared towards business results. It allows you to analyze your followers by various demographics. Not only can it manage multiple accounts, but it picks the most efficient time to post on your companies behalf. Furthermore, Sprout Social is affordable. You can get a free 30 day trial and when you realize how addicting it is…. it’ll be worth the 39 dollar price tag. Sprout Social  is your patsy. It keeps an eye out on the competition by showing you the number of daily mentions, percents of engagements, and to see who is talking to the competition. This analytical tool is so easy to use… and once you have it, you won’t want to live without its convenience.


2. Social Oomph. I enjoy using Social Oomph as a marketing tool for my Twitter accounts. Since Twitter has become an excellent way for businesses to build solid relationships, it is important to make every customer feel like they are the most important client you have. Social Oomph allows this to happen. Within this analytical site there are different tools to manage multiple twitter accounts at once such as…

  • Auto Direct Message
  • Auto Follow

Furthermore, it allows the business to make the direct message a personable one. Here is an example…

“Thanks for connecting with us on Twitter. We are excited to follow you as well, Miranda. Feel free to add us on Facebook to check out some of our promotions.”

This auto following/direct message makes the consumer feel important and valued. Especially when the companies goes the extra mile by following them back. 

3.Hootsuite is an effective way to organize and execute campaigns across multiple social networks from one secure channel. It manages every social outlet that is accessible to businesses. More so, Hootsuite can help get your business more seen on social media platforms. It does this by using geo-locating and geo-tracking to your benefit. This analytical tool manages campaigns success and provides reasoning as to why it was or was not a successful strategy. It even provides some of its own analytical tools to get more of an insight into a businesses participations on the outlets.

Social media is the eye of the beholder. It has the power to bring a business together as fast as it can break a business down. However, the power is nothing without the solid results. Good thing for analytical tools, right? ha-ha

Analytics have become an essential form of intelligence for businesses to identify and respond to consumer requests. Listening to what your consumers and competitors are saying about you is key to following through with a successful advertising campaign. Although there are countless tools to help measure and analyze data, I feel that these three listed above, are the easiest to navigate and for the best price tag.