Although it is possible for a company to be on every social outlet, it is not worth the time or money. While it is important to connect with the consumers on a personal basis, it is easiest to do so in a place in which they are already comfortable. 

A second platform to consider is Facebook, the largest social network.  According to Facebook, there are over one billion people on the site, and although it may not seem like a professional social network it is clearly worth the time and effort. Not only does it build a relationship with your customers, but can also drive sales by using the Facebook Advertising, which was launched in June 2012. When a business becomes part of this platform it is creating an easy way to engage with consumers and equally provides an opportunity to influence prospects. By doing so, your business has just created brand ambassadors. Once you have influenced the consumer to “like” your page, it shares the “like” on their Facebook wall causing friends to notice the post. The beauty about Facebook is that its frequent users are of all ages, so missing out on this advertising opportunity could truly hurt the company success.

Those are the two most important social media outlets for businesses to be successful in this new age technology. However, make sure you do not post the same thing on each site. Although it may sound like your killing two birds with one stone, it actually makes your company look lazy. More so, Facebook and Twitter are completely different outlets and should be handled separately.