In recent years twitter has become the go-to source for many people to stay updated with what is going on every second of the day. If Twitter isn’t something you are familiar with your in luck. There is a vast variety of twitter like sites that can help you piece it all together. For an example on how the sites work, my opinion on the sites, and their user-friendly webpages, I will be using the recent buzz of the Susan G. Komen versus Planned Parenthood debate.

As Susan G. Komen withdrew the service of free breast screenings at Planned Parenthood Twitter blew up. A good starting ground for looking deeper into this mess is using the Twitter Search. This is a fast and easy way to look up the news because you do not have to link to any other page to find out more. By simply typing in the key words such as “Planned Parenthood debate, Susan G. Komen, or Race for the Cure, you will see many threads of comments that “tweeters” have posted on the subject matter. As the tweets rolled in to my newsfeed I note how quick and efficient this site was. As this site allowed me to get the I initial lowdown I moved onto the next site to see where it took me.

Twendz is the second site I would recommend for beginners. Here you will find a constant stream of opinions and re-tweets. As objectively as this site is, I find it to have a very user friendly site. One retweet that kept my newsfeed streaming was one from former Susan G. Komens executive, Karen Handel, stating that

“Planned Parenthood is a gigantic bully, using Komen as it’s punching bag.”

Twendz is fun because it shows a graph that analyzes all the results of tweets by the percentage of positive, negative, and neutral tweets. This allows the viewers to get an idea of how people feel about the subject. Also, Twendz has a subject category that shows a list of subjects/keywords that are being used most often. This is cool for people who are struggling with what to type into the “keyword” box. As I searched Susan G. Komen this site lead me to see that it was 43% negative, 29% neutral and 29% positive.

My next stop was to Twitterfall. Initially, the sites homepage can look a little deceiving because it is not as user-friendly as the other sites. However, Twitterfall holds a lot of valuable information. When you type in the keywords it immediately brings up a stream of tweets that have links to new sites. As I clicked on one of the top URL news sites it brought me to the Washington Times article called Susan G. Komen versus Planned Parenthood: Did anyone really win? Here you will find more reliable sources from reporters and journalists who are also researching the keyword you are looking for. This is one of the best if you have an updated computer because the links can take awhile to load. Otherwise it is very beneficial to a story that is looking to be non-biased.

I hope this helps out the newbies who are not familiar with sites such as twitter, twendz and twitterfall. May this help you start your journey onto social media at it’s best.