The old media, it seems, is struggling to keep up with the web

Will The Youths Of This Internet Age Overtake The Old Way Of Reporting/Journalism?

In class last week we watched the movie Page One: Inside the New York Times. To say the least, it opened my eyes up to what could  be  future of journalism. For starters, David Carr, is by far the most interesting, oddest journalist that I have ever heard of. According to Peter Rainer, Carr is a marvelous camera subject and the only newspaperman in the movie who provides a temperamental link to the old “Front Page” days.

Jumping to the twentieth century you see Brian Stelter who could be described as the social media journalist. The way he uses social media to his advantage really makes him and Carr the best of both worlds. Stelter not only uses two computers, but stays engaged with twitter, blogs and facebook to receive his news now.

Is the Times going to keep up with the fast pace internet?

With Carr and Stelter on the team, I will have to say YES it will survive. Not only will it survive but will also become better.
One man was quoted in the movie saying that the Times might be out of business within four months. I do not see this happening. I do believe that the Times will be changing, but like I learned in class
“what is change for the newspapers but a good thing, that is what we report on-change.”

Looking at this documentary as an avid user of the internet, I find it intriguing to see how Brian Stelter, which is one of the younger reporters, uses the internet so differently than Carr. Stelter goes into detail about how he finds the news right when it happens by being connected with Twitter, Facebook and other networking sites. Carr takes a different route but in the end both types of journalistic styles are KEY.

Just look at how exciting the future is. Steve Jobs inventing the iPad, newspaper on your phone, instant updates etc…In the end if I learned anything from the Page One: Inside the New York Times I learned that this newspaper can survive anything because of the amazing reporters it has. Young and old… all of them make a difference.

Quote of the day: “If you work for the media long enough, eventually you’ll type your way back to your own doorstep.”- David Carr